Jazmine Howard

Life Mentor




Jazmine is a Swedish American actress and Voice over artist. She is usually described as professional, calm, focused, creative and open-minded. Some of her strengths include paying attention to detail, being flexible and staying open to change, all with a positive energy and attitude. She’s been acting since 2015 and she has experience of being both behind the scenes (wardrobe, make up and set design) and in front of the camera, which makes her multifaceted and understanding of more than just her role in a production. Jazmine has a calming, certain and comforting voice and personality and also a great sense of humor.
She enjoys and performs both drama and comedy with equal passion. 

Jazmine is also an experienced mindset & personal development mentor and speaker, which helps her relate to others and to step into character believably, with genuine emotion. She finds it easy to access her feelings and to be in the present moment to channel them, while delivering the message that the director and client are aiming for. Currently Jazmine can be found acting in commercials and infomercials on the web and on TV. Her current goal is to do more film and TV series, where she gets to grow into a role long term.



” I began coaching with Jazmine in spring of 2020. Our conversations have helped me understand that my traumas were not my fault, but that I can change the outcome of them. I’ve learned to accept certain events in my life. Our conversations have helped me understand what it really is that I need to work on and what to process. Jazmine has helped me with meditation and listening to my body when it is stressed. I am eternally grateful to Jazmine and I have recommended her to many and I will continue to do so. ”
– Nina

” Jazmine really helped me to open up spiritually and work with past trauma and fears. With the help of her coaching I´ve developed much better self-knowledge and dare to embrace myself fully. ”
– Nathalie R

” Jag kan varmt rekommendera Jazmine. En mycket kompetent coach med en härlig energi och ett genuint intresse av att varje session ska vara givande. Jazmine har med sina frågor och nyfikenhet hjälpt mig att komma till insikter med vad som är viktigt för mig! Tack vare dessa sessioner har jag fått verktyg som jag använder mig av dagligen. En fantastisk investering! ”
– Mergime

” I have received vital tools and affirmations, which together have turned everyday life upside down in a magical way. Jazmine has met me where I am and with questions has helped me lead myself forward, in the direction I know deep down I want. I highly recommend Jazmine as a coach! Especially for you who want to be coached in a holistic way, mentally in the physical. ”
– Hannah