Jazmine is a Swedish American actress and voice-over artist who is known for her professionalism, calm demeanor, and open-mindedness. In addition to her strengths of attention to detail, presence and flexibility, Jazmine sees acting as a way to raise consciousness and connect with her audience on a deeper level.

With experience both behind the scenes and in front of the camera, Jazmine is a multifaceted artist who understands the various components that go into making a production successful. Her positive energy and attitude make her a pleasure to work with, and her calming voice and personality have a certain, sincere and comforting quality that resonates with most.

In addition to dramatic work, Jazmine is equally passionate about performing comedy and has a great sense of humor. She brings her whole self to every role and strives to inspire and uplift her audience through her work.

By continuously seeking new opportunities to develop her skills, she is honing her craft, refining her technique, and staying relevant in an ever-evolving industry. Jazmine’s goal is to work in more drama productions on the big screen and in TV series, where she can grow into roles and develop characters longer term. She is currently acting in film, commercials, and infomercials on the web and TV, and sees ongoing training as an investment in her career and personal growth.


Voice Sample (American English)



2023 | Lead. See water differently. Director: Niels Meldgaard

2022 | Lead. Future of a home. Director: Simon Flack

2021 | Lead. 8 short films, Samarbete efter skilsmässa – SES. Director: Sebastian Artmann

2021 | Lead. IKEA Pause and Play kickoff 2022. Director: Ola Blomgren

2021 | Lead.  Ziccum ambient drying. Director: Sebastian Hedin

2019 | Lead. On-boarding 3 modules, Coloplast US / SES.


2020 | Guest actor. Sagan om Dilan och Moa, season 2. Ep 3. SVT / Anagram. Director: Sissela Benn.

2020 | Årets sockerbagare 2020. SVT


2023 | SES Mini, 3-5 years

2022 | Born to move, Release 24-28. Les Mills 

2022 | Haglofs, a life well lived. Director: Martin Sandin

2022 | Danske Bank. Director: Daniel Curovic

2021 | Ingeniuos Project – MSB. Colibri Content. Director Diego Monsevais

2021 | Julbiljetten. Skånetrafiken Director: Andy Lundgren

2021 | Vidare tillsammans, Skånetrafiken | Dunderville

2021 | SWECO Amazing Society, Director: Gabriel Tiedke

2021 | Mindfulness meditations – English, Helsingborg Stad | SES learning Systems

2021 | Tradera – Det Nya Nya

2021 | The Business whisperer & The ugly duckling. Dun & Bradstreet, FLX

2021 | Life in mind. Plint. Director: Johan Carlberg

2021 | Konflikt hantering. SES Copenhagen

2020 | Mindfulness meditations – Swedish, Helsingborg Stad | SES learning Systems


2023 | Stage combat training for actors, Robert Bengtsson.

2022 – 2023 | Drama Coaching with Louise Dahlin

2022 | Masterclass – Anne Hathaway Acting Technique, Collaboration, Scene study & performance improvement.

2022 | Masterclass – Helen Mirren Shakespearean acting, Scene study, Script breakdown & Acting technique.

2022 | Masterclass – Samuel L Jackson Scene study, Auditioning, Career advice & film vs Scene acting.

2022 | Masterclass – Nancy Cartwright VO acting. Vocal technique, Character development & Script analysis.

2019 | Actors workshop. Refocus method, with Tony Grahn, DK

2019 | The worlds greatest speaker, Speaker training with Brendon Burchard

2015 | Landmark Forum – Personal Development training, Atlanta GA

2013 | BA Degree in spiritual psychology, Univ. of Santa Monica, CA


2023 | Lead. XCell Cyklops Covergence system. Director Richard Tsalikis

2022 | Lead. Holistic Supplements. Director: Niklas Gunther

2022 | Lead. Tetra Pak. Director: Daniel Hallberg

2022 | Lead. PayPal Anthem II, Ingmar Stockholm. Director: John Lissert

2022 | Lead. Kobaj wine. VINIA Media. Director: Oliver Rosendal

2022 | Lead. Samordnings forbundet. ACME Director : Casper Jarmo

2022 | Lead. Cool parcel. Director: Søren Mølgaard

2021 | Lead. Wallbaby, Its love baby. Director: Isabelle Kågeström

2021 | Always climate smart. Frankful. Låt det regna / Orkla

2021 | Lead. Simply Webhotel. Rahbek Media. Director: Søren Mølgaard

2021 | Lead. ATEA Onboarding, Wonderwork.

2021 | Lead. SWECO Amazing Society. Director: Gabriel Tiedke

2021 | Lead. Fingerprints Cards. Director: Carl Ljungberg


2021 | Lead. NIBE, KAN Agency. Director: Sebastian Brännström 

2021 | Lead. SWAT Assistansbolaget. Director: Marko Siraky

2021 | Lead. Tradera, det nya nya, Lead, Diktator. Director: Lode Kuylenstjerna 

2021 | Lead. Q10, US market – Pharma Nord. Director: Rasmus Ravn

2021 | Lead. Cool surf. Director: Casper Janning

2021 | Lead. Sezec / Stygn studios. Director: John Horn

2021 | Supporting. Telia, New Land

2021 | Lead.  Saxo Bank. Playground productions. Director: Mikkel Blaabjerg

2021 | Lead. Femina, F-word. Spoiled Productions.

2020 | Lead. Verisure. Pegasus productions. 

2020 | Lead. Stibo Systems, Playground productions

2020 | Lead. Tetra Recart, Tetra Pak / Redloop

2020 | Lead. AXIS communications, Chimney productions. Director: Christian Hallman

2020 | Lead. Corporate design & teamwork Playground productions.

2020 | Supporting. Lego Super Mario. Gimmick VFX.

2019 | Lead, Vi fargelegger Norge, Fargerike / Lineup film

2019 | Lead. Vodafone / Uncle Grey Director: Casper Rasmussen

2019 | Lead. Länge leve fantasin. Panduro. Director: Magnus Åkesson. 

2019 | Lead. Sennheiser Brand, YOU Production.

2019 | Lead. Mazda Stories, Fandango/ Redwood. Director: Aston Leach

2019 | Lead. Jernhusen AB. Director: Gabriel Tiedke

2019 | Lead. Hilding Anders, GADE 10, Director: Gustav Hugo Olsson

2019 | Supporting. Organic browser, Mozilla Firefox. Director: Jovo Jovanovic

2018 | Supporting. Ford, Built to lend a hand. Director: Jovo Jovanovic

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